For centuries, marble has been considered a luxury material that only a select few had access to. As technological advances allow for quicker and easier production: more and more homeowners are turning to marble tile in Vancouver. Unfortunately, many people shy away from the beautiful stone as their floor tiles or wall tiles due to the following commonly believed myths.

Myth #1: Marble is too Expensive

While marble is a high-end material, there are many affordable options. The price of marble depends on a few factors: the type of marble, the rarity and the boldness of the veins, location it was mined, and other distinguishing properties. Homeowners should not rule out the use of marble without first speaking to an experienced professional. Visiting a kitchen and bath showroom is also helpful.

Myth #2: Marble is High Maintenance

Marble only looks high maintenance. In fact, when properly sealed and cared for, marble can retain its beauty for years. To protect your new marble tile in Vancouver:

  • Never cut directly on the marble tiles – use a cutting board instead
  • Avoid acidic cleaners
  • Clean with soap and water promptly
  • Use a baking soda paste to clean potential stains

Myth #3: The Veins, Fissures, and Filled Holes are Defects

If you look closely at any marble, you will see “defects” in the stone. However, the veins, fissures, and even small holes are all naturally occurring variations and are what make marble so beautiful and coveted.

Myth #4: Keep Honed Marble Out of Wet Areas

Marble, by nature is a porous stone, allowing it to absorb moisture and because of this many people believe that marble is not a good material for bathrooms, kitchens, and otherwise wet areas. However, when properly sealed, marble is a wonderful material for both kitchens and baths, as well as many other applications. In fact, the surface of honed marble is better able to mask scratches from high use.

Myth #5: Marble Harbors Bacteria

The tiny holes and cracks in marble are often mistakenly believed to be breeding grounds for harmful bacteria. This simply is not the case. In fact, marble has natural antimicrobial and antibacterial properties that prevent germ growth. Basic cleanliness can prevent problems. For extra protection, an antibacterial cleaner can be used without damaging the surface.

Marble tiles are a wonderful way to bring elegance into any home. To learn more about using marble tile in Vancouver, please contact the experts at Fontile Kitchen & Bath today.