Our house is our haven and, within it, the bathroom is one of the most special and intimate areas. So, if you’re looking for ideas to renovate the bathroom and transform it into a modern and relaxing space, be inspired here.

Having a beautiful, modern bathroom where you can relax after a long day’s work is practically indispensable if your house is to be a real home. So, carrying out a small renovation every 10 or 15 years is almost a necessity.

Here, we’ll tell you what aspects to work on in your bathroom so that it becomes your new favorite area of the house.

1. Quality furniture for a lifetime

Quality knows nothing of times, your bathroom neither. If you choose a resistant, durable washbasin unit with a timeless aesthetic, you’ll have a piece of furniture for a lifetime.

Choose a model that meets your storage needs and whose design never goes out of fashion, such as Krion’s Smart and One furniture. These options won’t only add style to the bathroom, but also durability and practicality.

2. Aluminium decorative panels

Adding a refreshing cladding to the bathroom walls will give it that modern and stylish touch. And, due to its humid environment, it’s best to choose resistant claddings, such as the Alluslate® aluminium panels, which have technical qualities that make them perfect for this type of environment.

Not only are they much more resistant than wallpaper, but they’re also easier to clean and maintain. There’s a wide variety of designs to provide a unique aesthetic to your bathroom.

3. A shower screen with a special touch

If you haven’t installed a shower screen yet, now is the time to consider one and set aside those old shower curtains. And if you already have this element in your bathroom, an original way of changing it for a more modern option is to install a glass shower screen with black profiles, such as the Java shower screen by Krion.

The minimalist, modern and authentic touch that a shower screen with these qualities will bring to your bathroom is more than worth considering.

4. Open the bathroom to your bedroom

Do you have an ensuite bathroom? If so, don’t discard joining both spaces and making them one. This interconnection between the bathroom and bedroom produces a sense of freedom and spaciousness that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Creating this opening requires a large area, as we’ll need enough space to place all the elements after bringing down the walls. However, the amplitude and luminosity that the open concept brings to the bathroom and bedroom is well worth it. And, if you don’t dare to make such a bold choice, you can always opt for a semi-open concept.

5. Mirrors: an ally of amplitude

The bathroom’s a place where we smarten up and, therefore, want to see ourselves clearly. That is why, the mirror is an essential element. Options with built-in LED lighting are highly successful in bathroom renovations at present, as they provide luminosity, making it much easier to see oneself.

Besides, whether your bathroom’s large or small, you can never go wrong with extra amplitude. There’s nothing like installing a beautiful mirror to add visual depth to a space.

6. Make it sustainable

In a world where trends in design and construction increasingly gravitate towards sustainability, the bathroom couldn’t be different.

Among the various ways of achieving this, is choosing smart devices aimed at saving on utilities. Another way is choosing sustainable materials for the bathroom elements. A material as resistant as Krion Shell®, which contains a minimum of 5% recycled material in its composition, is an ideal choice.

7. Bathtubs that become havens

Always a success, there’s nothing like adding the icing on the cake to your bathroom’s renovation: the bathtub. A piece as intimate as it is relaxing, which can turn your bathroom into an authentic spa. A smooth and warm bathtub, made in solid surface, adds personality to the bathroom. It will become your new favorite space in the house.

Text: Krion