Does your Kitchen need a fresh update for 2018? Like many homeowners, you’re probably considering the potential for updates, and so you might be reviewing the latest kitchen tile back splash options available in Vancouver.Our Fontile team has decades of experience and we’re providing a guide to choosing the best kitchen back splash tile for your home or business premises.

  • Experiment with tile shape+ install pattern

Whether you are completing a full Kitchen Reno or just doing a light refresh, backsplash tile can be the jewelry that accessories your space. Look at it as completing your outfit and you’ll be on the right track. The first thing you’ll want to consider is the style of the space. But if your budget is tapped out at this stage of your reno, consider going with a basic smaller format subway + experiment with installation pattern + grout color.The color + pattern options are limitless! You’ll want to consider sight lines + where the key areas of “drama” are in your Kitchen.Above the sink + cook top are some typical areas Designers like to focus on…so think about how you can amp up the detail in those areas.

  • Combine Colour with DesignAccents

When choosing tiles, one option is to consider accent tiles and bold colours. You may find this form of design simpler to incorporate into your home than using one type of tile throughout. Make sure the main colour blends with the style in your kitchen. If you’re visiting our kitchen and bath showroom,bring a picture (and samples of your counter top, cabinet door style, floor tile+ paint chip(s), if possible) with you so that Fontile Staff can help guide you in making the right choices for your space.

  • Budget Carefully

The cost of backsplash tile can range froma few dollars a square foot to hundreds of dollars a square foot, so plan your budget according to the scale of your project.Wonderfully effective designs can be achieved with relatively in-expensive tile. It may be worth it, if you can sink a bit more money into a custom mosaic tile or accent tile over your cooktop that can coordinate with a basic tile in a lovely pattern for the rest of the space.

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