The tiles you choose to use in your homerepresent your unique design tastes and identity. That’s why it’s essential tomake sure they add unique value and match the current pattern of Eurotiles you have on your property. Our team at Fontile Kitchen &Bath can help you through this challenging process.

In this new post, we’re explaining how tochoose the best Euro tile patterns for the home.

Consider abstract patterns for capturing the attention

For modern kitchens, many homeownersare now selecting abstract Euro tiles that spark the imagination of guests.Abstract tiles don’t form a cohesive picture but blend various colours andshapes to frame and modernize the space. Just make sure you have a clear ideaabout the design goals you want to achieve when choosing abstract patterns foryour home.

Bring the outdoors in with floral patterns

Thanks to their natural appeal, floralpatterns are becoming one of the more popular options for those seeking Eurotiles for their home. More abstract than traditional, floral patterns tend toproduce a contemporary look that will enhance any area of the home. Many arenow selecting floral patterns for spaces connecting the outdoors with theinside of the home, such as open kitchens and mudrooms.

Geometric tiles bring wow factor to kitchen spaces

Geometric tile designs are quickly gainingpopularity as a design trend, providing homeowners with a contemporary designthat uplifts their décor and catches the attention of guests. Combined withvibrant blues or reds, tiles with geometric shapes are commonly used as kitchenbacksplashes and within living room spaces.

Ornamental styles offer class and prestige

For those seeking to bring a luxury appealto their home over the coming months, ornamental tile styles are a greatoption. Based on the traditional designs of the great artisans, the ornamentaltiles will catch the eye whether used on bathroom flooring or to frame abedroom space.

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