When it comes to remodeling your bathroom,you will discover a broad range of material options. Due to the overwhelmingnumber of options, it might seem next to impossible trying to choose what worksbest. Fortunately, learning about bathroom tile in Vancouver can make choosing the rightmaterials a breeze.

WhyChoose Tile?

First and foremost, tile is one of the mostcommonly used materials for bathroom flooring and walls. Tile is a primarychoice because it offers several benefits. For instance, tile is versatile andlong-lasting. It is also easy to get creative with tile pieces because you canfit tiles with different colors or patterns together like a puzzle.

Many forms of tile are also resistant tomold and moisture, which can improve the health and safety of your bathroomenvironment. Wood floors may look nice and seem like a great option, but theyare susceptible to damages caused by moisture buildup. Thankfully, tile canwithstand moisture, which makes them a worthwhile investment.

TileIdeas That Work Best

Some tile ideas that work best forbathrooms include the use of naturalstone tiles, mosaic tiles, marble tiles, and travertine tiles. Stone tilescome in a range of colors, patterns, and textures that suit almost anybathroom. Although stone tiles require a bit more maintenance than other tiles,they are well worth it.

If you are not a fan of stone tiles,consider the benefits of mosaictiles instead. The available patterns work great for both bathroom wallsand flooring. Because mosaic tiles come in a mixture of unique patterns, theyalso work great in the bathroom when used as a backsplash. You can also chooseto have tiles installed on your bathroom counters.


If you are having trouble determining whichtiles will work best in your bathroom, you can get help with bathroom tile ideasfrom the Fontile Vancouver design professionals. Our experts have plenty ofknowledge to determine the type of tile you need and colors or patterns thatbest suit the design of your bathroom. Also, talking to a professional allowsyou to choose a tile that works best with other design ideas you have in theworks for your bathroom and other remodel projects.

If you are ready to update your bathroom sothat it is unique and visually appealing, reach out to Fontile Kitchen& Bath today. Shop on line and then visit our Vancouver showroomwere we are more than happy to answer questions you may have to better hep youchoose the bathroom tiles that you prefer.