It’s the perfect time for Vancouver homeowners to take on renovation projects. At this point in the summer, homeowners can ensure that their renovation work is completed ready for end-of-summer parties and the increasing number of holiday occasions at the end of the year. First, they must select the ideal tile products for their summer renovation projects. In this latest article, the team at Fontile Kitchen & Bath highlights the ideal tile products at local Vancouver stores.

The Dover Floor Tile

The Dover Floor Tile is a porcelain floor tile product manufactured in Spain and imported to tile stores across Vancouver. The product is ideally suited to upcoming summer renovation work because it offers comprehensive stain resistance and highly effective abrasion resistance. This means the Dover Floor Tile can be used as a tile for family rooms as well as dining spaces without risking aesthetic issues over the long-term. The product is also ideally designed for both warm summer conditions and the colder winter in Vancouver, as it offers exceptional frost resistance. For homeowners seeking a porcelain tile product with high level durability, the Dover Floor Tile is the tile of note.

Brancato Glazed Floor Tile

Oftentimes, homeowners are seeking that additional sense of elegance from the floor tiles they select in the family home. Here’s where the Brancato Glazed Floor Tiles stands out across the market. The product offers a refined elegance with a stone-look that combines the performance of porcelain tile with the textured appearance of classical stone products. Another clear benefit of the Brancato Glazed Floor tile is that its textured glaze offers a pleasant experience for those walking around the home in bare feet. The product also features a slip-resistant din to help protect against potential slipping issues in the tiled area.

Bluebell – Ceramic wall tile

For homeowners seeking a classic design for their wall tiles this coming summer, the Bluebell Ceramic Wall Tile is the leading product in the marketplace. It’s a product available in both matte and gloss finishes for superior design flexibility. A leading advantage of harnessing Bluebell Ceramic Wall Tile within summer renovation work is that it offers superior resistance to stains and chemicals. This ensures that homeowners can maintain that ideal home environment ready for entertaining guests during summer events.

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