With so many alternative ways to shop, why take the time to visit a kitchen and bath showroom in Vancouver? After all, isn’t it so much more convenient to shop out of catalogs or via online websites?

Sure, it’s arguably more convenient, but there are still some things that are better seen and explored in-person.Kitchen and bath suppliers online really cannot capture the experience of visiting a showroom, and being able to truly experience the products for yourself.

If you’ve been shopping online exclusively lately, here are a few reasons from our Fontile Kitchen & Bath¬†team to think about getting out and visiting a showroom.

Why You Shouldn’t Overlook Kitchen and Bath Stores

1. See items in their proper settings

Aside from a few magazines, most mail-order listings for products are only going to include pictures of the products themselves, with little or no surrounding context. When decorating the environment, an item might look good when on a literal pedestal,but does it look as good on an actual counter?Bring some of your key pieces to the showroom. That’s the sort of thing you can only see by visiting a physical kitchen and bath showroom in Vancouver.

2. Lighting differences

Another issue with ordering items based solely on photographs is that the lighting used in photos is never like the lighting in an actual kitchen or bath. So, in some cases they could end up looking much different once installed for reasons such as being under normal everyday lighting rather than heavy studio lights.

3. Get a feel for the products

Looks aren’t everything. There are also the ergonomics of the piece to consider. Does it feelgood to your hand? Does it feel good to stand on in bare feet? How does heated flooring feel? There is only one way to know for sure.

4. Helpful staff

When you’re shopping online, you can narrow down your selections effectively and see the specifications. But when you visit actual kitchen and bath showroom, you get the benefit of a staff specifically trained on helping customers put together amazing rooms. They can offer advice, or point you towards less-popular items that would still be a perfect fit for your needs. You won’t get that online.

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