Fontile Kitchen & Bath has become one of the leading market specialists for custom Kitchens & Bathrooms. One of the reasons for that is the selection of handpicked local and international suppliers. Partners that help us to deliver high quality products to you.

Composit Kitchens is one of these great suppliers, working directly with our designers team on kitchens projects. The Italian Company has recently included three new collections to its portfolio.


A project that favors simplicity and whose formal cleanliness does not exclude a visual impact of great scenographic effect: the design created by the thin frame of the doors that
creates a graphic and modular element on the façade, the absence of handles, the new design elements. Blend is also an abacus of materials, the essence is shown with visible grains and
color changes where the wood returns to express its scenic vocation and allows you to create your own favorite customization.

The aesthetics of Blend takes on a strong and expressive character in the contrast between the black anodized elements of the composition and the softer finishes of the facades.


In the eternal return of fashions, today, the framed door is experiencing a new era from which contemporary contexts take benefit. Céline is an elegant kitchen collection that updates the past and whose door becomes the common thread for the whole environment.

A flexible kitchen environment that integrates and interacts with the surrounding space.

Linea Luxe

The absence of handles, the linear continuity of the fronts and facades represent an immediately recognizable aesthetic effect, capable of enhancing the quality of the finishes. Linea Luxe is a project that falls within the wide customization possibilities of the collection Linea.

Seductive colors and sophisticated materials to enhance the particular richness of the composition with central element with pocket doors.

The vocation for elegance and refined solutions (countertop and finishing sides with 45°cut) of Linea Luxe, coexist in the variant with the island completely in Emperador Gray marble. Proposed in the version with Linea 30 door, Linea Luxe interprets the timeless protagonist role of the kitchen in the contemporary home in a functional way and with a renewed wealth of materials.

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