14th January, 2017 Vancouver, BC – based stone tile product seller, Fontile Kitchen & Bath, are now offering refined stone tile products. Included within the company’s newest selection are options such as the Cappuccino Pulido marble, which is characterized by lighter beige colouring and its high gloss value, which can enhance the aesthetic balance in any property.

By working with the leading companies in their area, Vancouver contractors can expand their business while consolidating costs on the latest products. They must work with companies that adapt to the newest trends in home décor, and it’s for this reason contractors throughout the region are now turning to the experts at Fontile Kitchen & Bath. The company is now offering a full selection of natural stone tile products.

The products available through Fontile Kitchen & Bath have been sourced through the top manufacturers from across the globe. Each tile system has been selected for outstanding aesthetic value and durable performance within the modern home. It’s a selection which includes tiles contractors can simply integrate within their business. One of the leading new options is the Mustang Brazilian slate, which features black, grey and charcoal colouring and is ideal for both exterior and interior use throughout the Vancouver home!

Offering affordable tiles that represent the newest styles demanded by homeowners throughout the country, Fontile Kitchen & Bath is a recognized Vancouver specialist for stone tile. To learn more on the company and their products, please contact their team now at (604) 683-9358 or visit their business website at www.fontile.com.