Right now, buyers are loving subway tiles in Vancouver kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas in the house – and it’s not hard to see why. Subway tile is inexpensive, simple to clean, and instantly imparts a feel to a room which is simultaneously classic and still ultra-modern. Unlike many stylistic fads which will “date” an environment within a decade,subway tile is always going to work within a room.

However, some people may feel a little constrained by using it as kitchen tile or bath tile, given how monochromatic subway tile can get. However, with a little creativity – and the right help from a good tile supplies store like Fontile Kitchen &Bath – you’ll find there’s a lot you can do with subway tile!

Five Ways to Be Creative with Subway Tiles in Vancouver Homes

  • Contrasting grout

One of the most common complaints we hear about subway tile is that people don’t like their walls being all-white orall-black. So, use contrasting grout! White tiles with grey or black grout look especially nice, while really making those tiles “pop”when the light hits them.

  • Diagonal patterns

Don’t settle for straight horizontal and vertical. Subway tiles immediately become more distinctive and interesting if they’re set in a diagonal pattern. It’s a little more difficult to layout, since it will require custom-cutting the edges, but the contrast between the diagonal tile and horizontal\vertical appliances looks great.

  • Add color with woodwork

Admittedly, an all white kitchen can be somewhat oppressive and clinical. However, surprising as it might sound, white subway tile and woodwork mix quite well! Think countertops, shelving, and utensils. The earth tonewood softens the harsh white nicely.

  • Black and white patterns

Why stick to one shade?There’s a lot you can do by checker boarding or otherwise alternating black and white subway kitchen tiles. A consistent grey grout will tie it all together with a unified feel.

  • Get colorful in the bathroom

It’s going to be best to stick with black or white in the kitchen, but you’ve got a lot more leeway when it comes to your bathroom. Visit a local tile supply store and look at your color choices -you can find something that’s practical and pretty!

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If you liked our ideas and would like to apply some of them, contact us today for more information on supplies!