Mosaic tile has quickly become one of the leading options for backsplash areas in the bathroom and kitchen of the modern Vancouver property. But homeowners considering the value of the product within their homes still have a number of questions to answer before they make their final purchase decision. In this article, the trusted tile specialists at Fontile Kitchen & Bath take a look at several of the questions to ask before buying mosaic tile for the Vancouver home.

1. What are the Installation Challenges?

A leading issue homeowners have after selecting the tile for their home is installation. The installation of tile products is not always simple, and the seamlessness of the installation process depends largely on the preparation of the homeowner during selection. When selecting mosaic tiles, it’s important to work with a specialist that has completed the installation process previously. The specialist should be able to highlight sizing issues and potential issues that can cause delays within the installation process. By understanding these challenges before the installation work begins, homeowners can mitigate upcoming problems and integrate the tile within a quick timeframe.

2. How Much Maintenance is Required for The Tile Product?

The challenge within the mosaic tile marketplace is that products vary considerably in terms of the amount of maintenance they require. This can mean that those without experience in the Vancouverindustry may select a mosaic tile that requires considerable maintenance year-round, which may not be suitable for those with busy working and family schedules. Many mosaic tile materials, such as marble, benefit from the application of a sealant, which helps minimize the need for maintenance over the long-term and makes the tile product resistant to scratching and scuffing that compromise the tile’s aesthetic value.

3. How Do I Select a Durable Product for Use in the Home?

Durability is a leading consideration when selecting mosaic tile products for the Vancouver home. The tile must be exceptionally durable to ensure it offers long-term value for the buyer. But it’s also important to balance durability with aesthetic style. Homeowners should review the leading glass and ceramic mosaic tiles to find a system that offers them both resistance to scratching and etching as well as a high level of décor value when installed in the home.

The team at Fontile Kitchen & Bath has helped thousands of homeowners pick out quality mosaic tiles for their homes over their many years in the industry. They’re available today to help ensure buyers in 2016 make the right choice for their homes. To learn more on mosaic tiles and mosaic tile properties, contact Fontile Kitchen & Bath today at (604) 683-9358 or visit their business website at