Natural stone tiles are now being integrated in homes across Vancouver to assure that level of elegance and natural value that few other products can offer. Many homeowners still struggle to find quality natural stone tiles to use in their Vancouver home, and it’s important for them to work with experts in selecting tiles that offer the best functional and aesthetic value. The team at Fontile Kitchen & Bath is now offering their tips for buying natural stone tiles.

Give Consideration to Texture and Surface

The texture and the surface of the natural stone tile should be carefully considered when adding tiles to the home. Many stone products, such as marble, slate, and granite have a rough texture, which makes them unsuitable for use in bathroom areas and the walls of a shower space. Tiles with a finish that is too glossy are often also unsuitable for this area of the bathroom as they can become slippery when wet. For bathroom tiles, review products that are water resistant while offering significant aesthetic appeal that blends with the décor of other rooms.

Research Market Costs

Because of the great disparity in quality between the various market products, there is also a significant difference in the market costs associated with the full range of natural stone tiles. The best quality products range from between $10-to-$25 per square foot of natural stone tile. But it’s important to review the market carefully and commit to research online before buying that seemingly ideal natural stone tile. Speaking with experts directly can also help ensure homeowners receive the best information within their local marketplace.

Analyze Durability

One of the leading advantages of using natural stone tiles within the Vancouver home is that they’re naturally durable and provide a full range of performance benefits over synthetic products. But the durability of a specific tile can differ significantly when comparing competitor products. Be sure to consider the durability of all natural stone items, as even the hardest product such as granite might not offer that market-leading performance when offered as part of a poorly constructed tile. Take a look at  the online marketplace for reviews from those that have used the tile product over a period of a year or more.

Choose Tiles Based on Size

Tiles should be chosen based on their size and their potential fit within the room. For example, the use of smaller tiles is ideal for showers and kitchen spaces, where they can make the area appear larger. Larger tiles are often more suitable for flooring spaces, to help provide a streamlined appeal to the area.

By following the tips highlighted within this article, homeowners can overcome many of the challenges they face when buying natural stone tiles. To learn more, call the team at Fontile Kitchen & Bath today at (604) 630-4377 or visit their business website directly at