Whether you’re performing renovations to modernize theentire household or simply want to give your bathroom a whole new look,consider naturalstone tiles. Many come to Fontile Kitchen & Bath becauseof our wide selection of Euro tiles, and floorand wall products. Over the years we’ve become one of the area’sleading European kitchen and bath tile companies and we wanted to share a few aspectsthat many find attractive about the natural stone products we carry.

Here you’ll find somein-depth information about why adding natural stone can transform your home.

Unique Texture &Design Qualities

One of the most appealing aspects of natural stone tiles isthat no two types are alike. Natural stone is made and refined from the stonesfound in nature, hence the name: this also means that every design and textureis vastly different. From the fossil-like patterns found in limestone to thesubtle elegance of marble, you’ll marvel at the host of options natural stonetiles can provide.

Bringing NatureInside the Home

Many opt for our Euro tiles or natural stone patternsbecause they reflect what’s outdoors, enabling them to bring in some of the qualitiesof nature without sacrificing comfort or design. Adding natural stone to yourkitchen or bathroom can outfit your home with a one-of-a-kind style. The veinsand finishes in many natural tiles mimic the movement and vitality of theobjects found in nature, providing a welcome change for many homeowners.Granite is ideal for countertops; stone mosaic designs for backsplashes.Employing both helps create a unique contrast.

Adding Highlights& Finishing Touches

Natural stone can be used to add the finishing touches onyour design or renovation projects. You can create eye-catching stone tilefaces for everything from outdoor façades to fireplace borders. There are alsoa host of stone bathroom fixtures that many bed and bath companies carry.

Fontile Kitchen &Bath carries Euro tiles, natural stone tiles and more!

If you think natural stone will help update your household, contact thefriendly staff from Fontile Kitchen & Bath today. You can also visit usonline for a look at out clearance itemsand other deals.