How does one choose between porcelain tiles, Spanish porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles and a host of other options when it comes to tiles for kitchens or-bathrooms in Vancouver? It’s an interesting question because a number of people interchange ‘porcelain’and ‘ceramic’ when they are not the same at all. This post helps you understand the differences, so you can make a more informed decision before you walk in to a tile store. Porcelain contains ingredients that once fired, create a much stronger, denser, almost glass-like material.

Do They Absorb Water?

Both porcelain and ceramic tiles are,technically, from the ceramic family. That said, they differ when it comes to the rate of water absorption. Porcelain tiles absorb water at around 0.5%, which is lower than the rate of absorption by ceramic tiles which is most often listed at 10% or higher. Porcelain starts with fired tile, which is boiled at high temperatures before resting in water for 24 hours. If the tile has increased by less than 0.5% in weight after this process, it is considered ‘porcelain’.

Certification Matters

The right certification determines whether or not porcelain can be called and branded‘porcelain’. This makes a difference because these tiles need to meet certain standards. So, while examining porcelain tiles, Spanish porcelain tiles or Spanish style tiles for sale, look for certification the next time you enter a tile shop in Vancouver.

Usage And Durability

When it comes to deciding where to use porcelain or ceramic, durability matters . For instance, ceramic tiles cannot survive outdoor conditions and are likely to crack after the first winter freeze. Ceramic is most often designated for wall use only. Porcelain tiles are a must for external use as they are more durable and are made of a denser material that can keep water out more effectively. Porcelain is rated for floor and wall applications.

Porcelain tiles also have a through-body composition that makes them ideal for heavy usage. You can see this simply by chipping a porcelain and ceramic tile and seeing the colors revealed inside. In short, both porcelain and ceramic tiles have their own compositions and applications.

For Porcelain Tiles In Vancouver

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