These rooms have gone from having basic fittings to becoming essential for any home. They are usually outfitted with a washbasin, a toilet and small details that make them easier to use.

Guest bathrooms have evolved in line with the prevailing styles. They are intended for occasional visits, which is why they are located in highly accessible areas that make them easy to use. Given their basic features, with a wash basin and toilet, they are usually small, but that’s no reason to relegate them to the background. With a good layout and lighting and proper fittings that match the rest of the house, it is possible to create a pleasant atmosphere where guests feel welcome.

Essential elements in a guest bathroom

In this type of room, it is essential to make the most of the space. Due to their small size, they can feel unpleasant to use, but proper lighting and surface tiles in clear tones can make this feeling vanish. Guest bathrooms are usually decorated in a warm and minimalist style that beckons users to enjoy them. One option would be to combine vintage ceramic tiles, such as the Retro Blanco model by L’Antic Colonial, with mirrors (Motif Simple, also from L’Antic Colonial) to make them brighter.

Another option for decorating guest toilets is mini wash basins. We recommend using pieces with a low depth, and even with a custom-made furniture and storage area, such as the set formed by the 80 cm x 50 cm Natural countertop made of Krion and the Square taps with Noken chrome.

A touch of airiness with suspended toilets

The layout of a guest bathroom should be orderly, functional and contain a series of accessories that serve a useful purpose. Details such as mirrors make for great additions, since they can be strategically positioned to increase the sense of space. The final touch can be provided by candles, flowers or vases that complement the decorative style.

The toilet is one of the most important elements, and is usually located in the central part of the room. The most common are suspended toilets that provide visual lightness without overwhelming the environment. In addition, when combined with wooden furniture such as Tuck Fresna Cendra Blanco Emotions Mate Fit by Gamadecor, they give the room a greater sense of coziness.

Choosing surface tiles is also an important part of creating a guest bathroom. Prioritize materials that visually enhance the design and beckon users to relax. Ceramic collections such as Durango Acero by PORCELANOSA, accompanied by Spiga decorative tiles with the same shade, are the perfect option for achieving an exclusive and sophisticated atmosphere.

Text by Porcelanosa

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