The kitchen is one of the most prominent, busiest parts of the home. It goes beyond food preparation; it’s a socializing hub. The latest advances in interior design are moving towards minimalist, functional, high-tech spaces; and modern kitchens are no exception. Next, we’ll take a look at various designs and combinations to give you the inspiration you need when designing your modern kitchen.

Minimalist style: modern white kitchens

The modern white kitchen trend is booming. White is guaranteed to suit any space to perfection, and you can introduce other colors in the kitchen for some contrast. You can use white on any kitchen surface; from the units and appliances to the walls and floors, accentuating the feeling of spaciousness and luminosity.

Worktops are one of the undisputed stars of a kitchen. They have a major visual impact on the look of your space. When you introduce white hues to your modern white kitchen worktops, a minimalist look comes guaranteed. And there’s more: the surface dramatically reflects every scrap of available light. This is what makes it an ideal choice for small modern kitchens where natural light is lacking.

Modern white and wood kitchen

Another attractive concept for your modern white kitchen is to blend white and wood. This scheme works particularly well in small modern white kitchens: the white adds brightness and makes smaller rooms feel more spacious, and the wood lends the scheme a more natural, welcoming feel.

Using different shades and finishes gives you the power to achieve various styles in your modern white kitchen. From a pure minimalist aesthetic to rustic modern kitchen design – the possibilities are endless.

Going for furnishings in white hues is another trick you can use to make a modern white kitchen feel larger. This will give the room a lovely bright feel, and a more serene, relaxed ambience.

Tips for maximizing space in small modern kitchens

Small modern kitchens need to look beyond design and technology and make the most of the space available. Solutions include innovative designs like pull-out pantry cabinets, drawers with specific compartments for different utensils or household appliances and vertical storage systems that optimize every inch of available space in a small modern kitchen.

When it comes to color schemes and on-trend finishes for small modern kitchens, a neutral color palette reigns supreme. White, beige and grey, for example, make for a more spacious, brighter feel.

Cabinets and drawers are essential components of a small modern kitchen. One current trend is for handle less cabinets and drawers featuring pressure opening systems or even electrical systems. They don’t just give you an incredibly minimalist aesthetic; they’re also much easier to keep clean and improve kitchen safety.

Modern kitchen units

Modern kitchen units are characterized by minimalist and functional design, boasting clean lines and premium materials. There’s no surprise that the units you use are a key element of your modern kitchen décor scheme. The furniture you opt for – from a table and chairs to storage solutions – can make a huge difference in how functional and stylish your kitchen is.

Modern kitchen tables generally come in square or rectangular formats, with a range of size options to suit your needs. You can also choose from different styles, such as square or V-shaped frames.

And now for the chairs: style, naturalness, quality and comfort will all make a difference to your modern kitchen design.

When you’re choosing your modern kitchen tables and chairs, you need to put functionality front and center. Think about easy-to-clean designs that can withstand heavy everyday use.

Modern island kitchens: the ultimate in functional design

If space isn’t lacking in your kitchen, and you have an open-plan kitchen/living or dining room for example, islands make a fine choice. They encourage a sense of flow and interaction between both spaces. How? Islands and peninsulas zone the room, visually dividing the space at the same time as keeping them connected.

These modern island kitchens are characterized by their stylish and functional design, creating spaces that are current and easy-to-use in equal measure.

An island is an isolated module with all four sides kept clear, making for an incredibly flexible solution: use it as a cooking space, work space, for the sink, or even a breakfast or dining area.

Modern island kitchen décor

Using on-trend colors in modern kitchens extends to island kitchens, too. Neutral tones or wood will give you a more relaxed, sophisticated and elegant feel. You could panel the outside of the island in wood, achieving a sense of connection and tying it in with other rooms such as the living or dining room. Using the same tone of wood as your island for some kitchen shelving not only gives you a coherent look: it gives you useful storage space for books or decorative objects.

Or, you could opt for illuminated cabinets in dark or greyish hues to the back of the island, lending a uniform look to your interior scheme.

Style and functionality in contemporary kitchens

To sum up, you have a number of solutions at your fingertips to achieve the perfect balance between design and practicality; choose yours, and your modern kitchen is guaranteed to be a welcoming, practical and stylish space.

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Text: Porcelanosa