Since the days of the ancient Romans, mosaic art has been a source of awe and inspiration for many. Using small tiles to create elaborate and intricate designs, mosaic art is gorgeous way to create a high visual impact. Incorporating mosaic art into swimming pool design takes the traditional pool to incredible heights.

At Fontile Kitchen & Bath, a leading store for mosaic tile in Vancouver,our team has seen an exciting increase in shoppers who are looking to get creative with the design of their swimming pools.

Here are five of our favorite ways to incorporate beautiful custom mosaics into your pool.

Geometric Patterns – If you are looking for a contemporary way to incorporate mosaic tiles into your swimming pool design, a simple geometric pattern may be an excellent choice.Metallic tiles are a popular choice in geometric mosaic designs, adding a level of visual interest. You can limit the pattern to a single section of the pool,or carry the design around all sides for a big impact.

Floral Designs – Add an elegant pop of color in the form of a floral mosaic, incorporating your favorite flower in a way that goes beyond the garden. Softer colors like blue sand whites are a good choice for a subtler design, while reds and yellows add an eye-catching vibrancy.

An Ombre Effect – The ombre effect uses tiles in the same color family, with slight variances in shade. Typically, an ombre design will start with the darkest shade, gradually fading to the lightest. A classic yet unique look, an ombre mosaic design is a versatile choice.

Accent Art Piece – Another option is the utilize mosaic tile art as an accent element, perhaps selecting a central wall or section of your pool for the art. Think of this design as hanging a statement art piece on a wall of your home; it draws the eye and is a guaranteed conversation piece.

Metallic – For a modern edge, consider creating a mosaic design that exclusively uses metallic tiles.The incredible shine and sparkle will enhance the design in an incredible way.

With mosaic art, the possibilities truly are endless.

For more ideas for incorporating this beautiful art form into your swimming pool design, contact tour team at Fontile Kitchen & Bath, the number one source as a mosaic tile store in Vancouver. We are more than happy to help you create a mosaic masterpiece all your own.