This type of interior design transforms construction materials (wood, concrete, steel or brick) into decorative objects and enhances open spaces without the use of separation walls.

The industrial aesthetic is one of the most popular interior design trends in lofts or single-family homes because it combines classic with modern and turns construction materials into the main decorative elements of the home.

This style was born in New York in the middle of the 20th century as a result of deindustrialization. The current style, however, is inspired by open spaces without divisions to boost natural light through the use of neutral tones, large windows, brick walls, metal lamps or leather sofas with retro styling.

This guide to industrial decoration suggests decorative ideas which can be created using the PORCELANOSA Group collections.

Industrial style open kitchens

Everything is visible in an industrial kitchen, from the structural elements to the cookware. In the same vein, bricks, pipes and iconic pieces from the era come into their own in this space. To round out this design and give it an extra original touch, include steel taps such as Noken Round Inox and suspended lamps to support the minimalist atmosphere.

Dark tones abound in kitchen furniture in shades of wood, steel and grey. Models such as the E9.30 kitchen by Gamadecor with modern and integrated design, characterized by a large central island, a side table, furniture and a large space for storage. To employ darker materials without sacrificing precious light, we recommend a light floor that amplifies the lighting in the space as Linkfloor Legend Kingdom Greece by L’Antic Colonial. This high quality vinyl flooring with a very realistic design stands out due to its easy installation and resistance.

Industrial bathrooms with character

Industrial style decoration in the bathroom follows the same guidelines as elsewhere in the home. Two of the most used resources are wood, which can be used for flooring or to define the structure of the furniture; and metal surfaces, such as the sintered mineral compact XTONE Oxide Grey, which features oxidized steel nuanced detail. Concrete is another option when it comes to walls and floors, creating an aesthetic like no other. For this look, we can use products such as Krion Alluslate®. These large format panels, made of aluminum and mineral, are able to recreate all types of colors and textures such as micro cement (Materica Original Matt).

Another combination which is frequently used in industrial design is Black and White, particularly when the black is steel. The contrast with the details of the TEC Round shower column in matt black and the decorative profiles in Pro-part Coal by Butech give the bathroom a greater sense of spaciousness. To add a touch of warmth, we recommended doing so through the use of wooden decorative objects such as staircases, chairs or wicker baskets.

Text by Porcelanosa

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