Text by Ceramiche Piemme

Who doesn’t like a stone floor? To someone who thinks about the environmental impact, to whom has to install them or has to keep it clean, just to mention a few. Even for those people reluctant to the “stone-effect” porcelain tiles, it’s pretty hard today to distinguish between natural stone and porcelain tile.

“Synchro digit” Technology used by Ceramiche Piemme reproduces on porcelain tiles ripples, reliefs, and many other three-dimensional and tactile effects typical of the natural stone completely synchronized with the digital decoration. The manufacturing process that, joined to the 300 dpi print along with the specific lapping, brings out the depth of the high-tech ceramic surfaces.

Today the choice of porcelain stoneware slabs and tiles – instead of marble and stone – adds more value and aesthetic effect to the project in terms of ease of installation and maintenance. Same thickness tiles are more resistant over time compared to stone. They are, at the same time, easier to cut and install in the proper way.

Porcelain stoneware is the best choice for radiant heating systems as well. It resists to bacteria and mold attack, which proliferates on natural stones more easily. Finally, not many people know that ceramic is completely recyclable at the end of its life.