Caring for the natural environment a mission that Krion is firmly committed to in order to minimize the consumption of natural resources through the use of recycled materials for the manufacture of new products.

From this sustainable awareness, Krion Shell® was born, a resistant and ecological material made from 75% minerals. In fact, most of the body consists of dolomite bound with ECO resin from recycled PET.

Now, enjoying an eco-friendly bathroom is easier than ever thanks to Krion Shell® sustainable washbasins, whether at home, in hotels, restaurants or public spaces.

And always with the best mechanical properties and aesthetic qualities, guaranteeing a better quality of life for people and the planet.

Sustainable washbasins for your bathroom

Elements Series by Krion Shell

A series of washbasins that perfectly combine sustainability and functionality, available in three versions, as well as in a glossy or matt finish to suit different tastes and needs.

Washbasin suspended On Top

The washbasin that is suspended on top of the washstand and is very easy to install. It stands out for its circular and rounded lines.

Washbasin Semi-recessed

An option that gives the bathroom personality thanks to the play of contrasts with the worktops, creating striking combinations with character.

Washbasin Recessed

A washbasin that is perfectly integrated into the worktop, giving more prominence to the unit. Easy to clean thanks to its curved lines, as well as the advanced coating of Krion Shell® itself.

One Series by Krion Shell

Functional washbasins available in various formats that can be installed as wall-mounted units. The Round model without corners provides maximum safety, and square and rectangular models are synonymous with comfort.

The One series washbasins are complemented by a line of minimalist furniture units, with accessories such as mirrors and towel racks, providing the final touch to a designer bathroom.

Without a doubt, the best collection of ecological washbasins for a sustainable bathroom, endorsed by numerous certifications, such as the SCS Global Services certification. This certification verifies and guarantees that Krion Shell® certified products contain at least 5% recycled plastic waste. A guarantee of an environmentally-friendly production process.

Text by Krion

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