IS SPRING FINALLY HERE? The late winter and extreme weather has affected the construction and remodeling business all across North America. The good news is remodeling, construction and basement refinishing business is on a significant increase and will continue.

Below are examples of two companies that are using Tyroc Subflooring™ in their flooring installations. These companies are very different from one another. One is a basement finishing company and the other is a sports floor and commercial flooring company. Yet both are national companies and deal with the same issues when it comes to finished flooring over concrete.

Tyroc Subflooring™ continues to gain the confidence and interest from flooring installers, contractors, developers and homeowners all across North America. Because it offers a better solution to finished flooring installation needs both above and below ground and over both concrete and wood substrates.

Tyroc Subflooring™ the more cost effective solution.

Chooses Tyroc Subflooring™ For Their Basement Finishing Systems.

Matrix Basement Systems, Inc., developers of a Structurally Insulated Wall Panel (SIP) made with MgO-Board (the same product used for the Tyroc Subflooring™surface board) created a waterproof, mold proof, rigid, seamless, and paintable basement wall system.

To provide their customers with the driest basement possible, they turned to Tyroc Subflooring™ to add more value to their dynamic basement finishing system. By incorporating Tyroc Subflooring™into their total basement system, they were able to address the common moisture issues caused by the basement concrete floor for their finished flooring installations. Now, not only have they gained a more efficient basement flooring installation process, but they can truly offer their customers a completely dry basement from floor to ceiling. 

Chooses Tyroc Subflooring to protect their natural and engineered hardwood installations over concrete slabs for gym sports flooring and residential flooring.

When Warren Mathusek, former Chairman of the Maple Flooring Advisory Council, first saw Tyroc Subflooring™ his comment was: “Where has this been all my career…you just addressed every issue I come across in installing hardwood over concrete.” And since then Mathusek has not only been using Tyroc Subflooring™ in their hardwood and sports flooring installations, they have become a dealer for Tyroc Subflooring™.

Tyroc Subflooring

  • A moisture and vapor barrier
  • A sound barrier for multi-level residential buildings
  • A thermal barrier
  • Mold and mildew proof
  • Easy to install – saves money in materials & labor