In the process of buying new floor tiles for their Vancouver home,property owners must complete comprehensive research. They must know the details concerning their ideal tile and the requirements to ensure the tile is integrated seamlessly within their home. In this latest article, the team at Fontile Corporation in Vancouver provide their five questions to ask before buying floor tiles.

1. Will We Have to Redecorate?

In order to blend a favoured new style of tile within their home, property owners might have to redecorate their home spaces. To minimize the cost of adding new tiles to the property, homeowners can take specific steps. For example, they must integrate tiles with neutral tones that blend with their existing home décor. They might also take pictures of their home when they visit local tile stores to ensure a seamless balance within their home.

2. On Which Floor is the Room Located?

When reviewing their tile options, homeowners should also consider the location of the room that requires new flooring. Floors on the ground level and basement rooms can be more susceptible to moisture issues and therefore homeowners might have to consider water resistant tile options.Another important element to consider is the area outside the room. The décor immediately outside the room should blend with the new floor tile to provide a stylish flow to the home.

3. What is Level of Maintenance are We Comfortable With?

There are many unique flooring options to select from, each of which has a different maintenance level that must be kept over many years.Homeowners should take processes such as steaming and refinishing into consideration and speak with a flooring specialist about the cleaning requirements for their favoured flooring choices. This will help them to make the right choice and prevent them from being overworked trying to protect their floor in the coming years.

4. Can we Install the Floor Ourselves?

Installation is a common issue when considering new flooring products. Many homeowners make the mistake of taking on the responsibility for the installation process without first considering the work and skill involved.While money can be saved by forgoing professional assistance, this value will be lost if the installation work leads to issues at a later date. Turn to professionals if in doubt about the installation process.

5. What is the Climate?

In very warm conditions, products such as wood can be warped and carpet can build mold due to humidity. This means homeowners in warm areas of the world might consider choosing tile products as the ideal alternative.Floor tiles come in a range of textures and styles to suit homes and all environments.

By reviewing the questions highlighted in this article before they buy their tiles, homeowners can minimize the risk in the process and secure their perfect product. To learn more on floor tiles and the various market options, contact the team at Fontile Corporation in Vancouver directly at (604)683-9358 or visit their business website at