With thousands of options available on the marketplace, many buyers face a number of issues in selecting the ideal flooring product for their home. They must first distinguish between the leading options, and then determine the best value product for their property and home application. The specialists at Fontile Kitchen & Bath have many years’ experience within the tile marketplace, and in this latest article they answer three common questions Vancouver clients might have on floor tiles.

1. Is Porcelain Tile More Durable than Ceramic?

The choice between porcelain and ceramic tile products is one that thousands of homeowners across Vancouver are now attempting to make.To make this decision, it’s important to consider how both products are made. Ceramic tiles are manufactured using red, brown, or white clay, while porcelain tile is produced only from white clay. As a result of this manufacturing process, porcelain tile is more durable. This means that porcelain is suitable for applications such as outdoor flooring spaces. And because porcelain is also higher in density, it has a higher resistance to staining, and is less likely to crack in cool weather climates.

2. What is the Difference between Glazed and Full Body Tiles?

This is a common question tiling specialists receive from clientele. The leading difference is that the glazed tiles are coated with liquid glass, which is baked into the clay tile surface. This liquid glass ensures that glazed tiles offer an unlimited range of colour and design options for homeowners. It also provides excellent protection against staining. Full body tiles are designed predominantly for commercial applications. These tiles don’t show wear as the colour of the product extends all the way through the entire thickness of the tile.

3. What are the Maintenance Requirements for Porcelain Tiles?

Vancouver homeowners investing their money in new porcelain floor tiles must take a long-term approach to the investment. This means analyzing the care needs for the product in order to keep the tile in optimal condition for years to come. While porcelain tiles are immensely durable, they do require some care from the property owner. It’s important to clean all spills immediately before they impact the tile. Spills can be cleaned by a mild detergent. But remember that any cleaning products used must be first recommended by the manufacturer to ensure the product doesn’t degrade the finish of the tile. Before cleaning,choose a small test area of the surface to determine if the product is suitable for the cleaning application.

By working with trusted specialists for high performance floor tiles,Vancouver homeowners can mitigate the risk involved in buying the latest products for their home. To learn more on floor tile selection, contact the team at Fontile directly today at (604)683-9358 or visit their business website at www.fontile.com.