One of the first things to do after designing your back splash is to choose the type of tiles you want to use to bring your creation to life. At Fontile Kitchen & Bath, you have a wide selection of sizes and materials to choose from. Depending on the type of design you want to create, the size and type of tile you choose are extremely important.

Glass Tiles Are All the Rage

Glass tiles are extremely popular in a kitchen back splash. They can be cut and set like ceramic tile, but offer a unique element to your design. Glass tiles can be found in smaller tiles for mosaic designs, as well as different shapes to create a wide variety of geometric tile patterns. While there is always a risk of chipping or breaking, the risk is minimal when used in a back splash simply because there is less chance of it being hit or tapped.

Add Tiles Made of Different Materials

Glass and ceramic tiles can be used together to create a unique design that has both color and depth. Textured tiles can also be used to add a different look to the area. Although certain colors and types of materials denote a specific time period, mixing and matching the tiles you use will make it uniquely your own.

A Mosaic Touch?

Tile size makes a difference when it comes to design. Small tiles add a more mosaic touch and can be added along with large tiles to create a unique pattern or design. Smaller tiles, normally 2×2-inches, are ideal for borders and to accent the design within the tile. Mosaic tiles can be made of glass or ceramic and come in many different colors and shapes.

Mounted and Unmounted Glass Tiles

Glass tiles come mounted on a mesh backingor unmounted without the mesh. Mounted glass tiles work well for large areas where there is little change in tile size. Unmounted tiles are better suitedfor backsplashes or other tiled areas where tiles will have to be cut to finish out the design or fill in extra space along the edges of the tiled area.

At Fontile Kitchen & Bath tile store, the widest selection of Italian tile supplies in Vancouver is available for you to choose from. Whether you need expert advice or have experience in laying your own tile, the staff has what you need to get the job done.